Analysis Of Tim Blumenthal 's ' Wheels Of Change Essay

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1. There many be many reason to why there is such an emphasis on cycling right now around the world, but in Tim Blumenthal’s article “Wheels of Change: the Rise of Bicycling in America” he isolates a few within the United States. Subsequently, even though he talks about the United States many of these reasons may be overarching global ones too. Within his article towards the bottom he mentions three perks: “companies save money on health insurances when encouraging employees to bike to work, younger generations are saving money by bicycle riding, and individuals who ride bikes more are more alert, healthier, and happier.” I believe all three of this perks are actually huge encouragements. As companies save more money they most likely are going to, I hope, provide more benefits to employees that do bicycle to work. Obviously, then as money and wealth become harder to find and achieve people are going to try and save as much money as possible. One-way people will notice how to minimize cost expenditure is by limiting expensive means of travel and maximize efficient transportation like bicycling. And, his final point I believe is so true. Because, whenever I was outside with my friends riding a bike I always remember I was either happy or on the bike ride to “clear my head”. So I believe that people now are actually see how riding a bike is more therapeutically, fun, and exciting it really is.
2. There may be several reasons as to why Copenhagen may be the driving force behind…

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