Compare And Contrast Essay On Road Bikes Vs Mountain Bikes

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Mountain Bikes Vs. Road Bikes Speeding down a trail or speeding down a road on a bike? What makes a mountain bike similar to a road bike or different? Is there any differences, an average person would ask. If taking the frames into consideration that's where the biggest differences come in. Even though they are both bikes, have two wheels and pedals, they are designed for completely different aspects. Mountain bikes are made to ride in the mountains, and road bikes are made to ride on the road. To the average consumer seeing these similarities and differences could be difficult. Why would someone not ride a mountain bike on the road? Comparing the two different parts to biking will open …show more content…
Road bikes and mountain bikes are completely different in this aspect. Bikes just like humans have a certain autonomy. The anatomy shows the angles in which certain places are measured. These key points that are measured from: top tube, head tube, seat stay, seat tube, down tube, fork,rear dropout, chainstay, centre of bottom bracket, front drop out (Kavanagh). The head tube is where the biggest differences are because this is the part that controls the handling. Mentioned before mountain bikes are more slack. The slackness of the head tube determines how hard it is to steer at speed. In mountain bikes it makes it harder to steer, but is more controllable at slower speeds as Kavanagh said. In the road bike's head tube angle it is rigid or straight this provides easier turning and higher speed. Generally, when road biking, a person is maintaining a higher average pace and traveling along straight roads, so having this steep head tube angle is a good thing. With a mountain bike the maneuverability comes from leaning and not so much of the steering. The slackness does not have to do with how maneuverable the bike can be, if that were true, then a road bike would be more maneuverable than a mountain

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