Analysis Of ' The 's ' Essay

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Nivea tried not to judge her. She mentally put herself in Meg’s shoes. Having to be moved to some foreign planet to marry a man she’d never met, but being okay with it because she was attracted to the man and was confident that it would all work out for the best, only to find out he wasn’t the man she thought he would be. What would it be like to escape a situation like that and end up lost in space? Sure, technically Nivea had saved her, but she couldn’t take her home. She was going to have to make a life somewhere new. It had to be terrifying.

Meg had a right to be upset, and Nivea decided to just leave her to it. She turned away and tried to quiet her mind, eventually falling asleep.

The following morning, or at least morning by Nivea’s standards, they were both woken up by the sound of Nivea’s alarm.

“What is that?” Meg mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

“It’s my alarm, to wake me up. I won’t turn on the lights, you can try to get some more sleep.”

“No, no this is how I adjust to your way of life. I will do as you do,” Meg said, almost whining.

Despite this claim, she closed her eyes again while Nivea changed and retrieve some food for the both of them. She only opened them again when Nivea sat down at the console and started making some adjustments.

“Imagination to Defiance Labs, Imagination to Defiance Labs. Come in Dr. Vanes, come in,” said Nivea into a microphone. She waited.

After a moment, Meg said, “Imagination… it’s like thoughts and pictures in your language,…

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