Essay on Analysis Of The Worst Of The Worst By Patrick Radden Keefe

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“The Worst of the Worst,” by Patrick Radden Keefe is a story told about Judy Clarke, a defense attorney who does whatever she can to save the most notorious killers’ lives. Throughout the story, Keefe demonstrated how Judy Clarke is indeed one of a kind. Clarke selects the criminals no one wants to defend, such as rapists, psychotic kidnappers, and mass murderers. In all cases but one did Clarke successfully convince the jury to spare the criminal’s life.
In one instance, the criminal kidnapped a boy and a girl who were siblings. He then raped and murdered the boy in front of the girl’s eyes, and felt awakened and determined that what he did was wrong. Clearly, the man was insane, which is why Clarke deterimined to convince the jury and judge that he does not deserve the death penalty because by law, the government must shield the criminally insane. To many people’s disbelief she one the case, and successfully proved his insanity, and he was given life imprisonment without parole.
There were several other cases such as this in which the odds were stacked against her, but she successfully found a way to save her clients’ lives. One time, she even went so far as to bring the criminal’s daughter to the witness stand. Clarke asked the young girl what she wanted to tell her father, she responded, “I love you, daddy.” Because of this act, the jury felt sympathy for the girl, and they could not send the man to his death, even if he deserved it.
The one case, that Clarke did in…

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