Essay on Analysis Of ' The Wolves '

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Many ages ago, there lived a Legend of two powerful entities: Land and Sky. The union of the two gave rise to the spirits of the four elements. These spirits, or four daughters, each held distinct tremendous natural power, shaping the planet known as Bhumiya. Earth created the mountains and rich soil. Water created the rivers, lakes, and sea. Fire burnt ragged landscapes for new growth to occur. Wind breathed life into the living creatures that walked upon the earth.
Wind spirit, whose name was Nushen 'yu, drifted all around the planet, lovingly observing the creatures, and providing breezy currents wherever she went on the planet. She felt the wolves were a most majestic sort of beast. She loved to flow over the landscape and watch them in their world.
One day, she came across a lone wolf who had been exiled from his pack. She witnessed him on the brink of starvation, struggling to survive in the wilds alone. She graciously blessed him with a small piece of her power, so he could manipulate the wind to make his life easier. In this process, his attributes evolved and he stood up on two legs in order that he could use his arms for bending the wind. He became a man, and a beast no longer. All that remained of his beastliness was his clawed extremities and elongated ears. Upon his head, he grew horns, a mark of Wind Spirit Nushen 'yu, for she too bore elegant twisting horns on her head.
The Lone Man learned how to craft tools to navigate the world more effectively. He found…

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