Analysis Of The Turning Tim Winton 's ' The Turning Of Family '

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Family is the most complex thing in the world. The mere definition of family is different for all people. For some, it is flesh and blood. For others, it’s those who they feel at home with. Every family has different issues, but some are easier to deal with than others. In The Turning Tim Winton explores the complexities of families through multiple stories spanning over many years and with different narration. Max and Frank Lang are two brothers who are two brothers who are not able to get over their differences, and give a whole new meaning to family. In The Turning, Tim Winton uses the relationship between Max and Frank in the stories “Sand” and “Family” to show that, like a jail sentence, family is one thing that can never be escaped. Max and Frank’s relationship with their parent’s is one of the origins of their rivalry. In the story “Sand”, Max is able to get along better with their father. When Frank and Max go with their father and his friends to the beach to fish, Max “darted ahead to walk amongst their father’s mates. He said things that made them laugh. He was ten and already could make men laugh” (Winton 163). Max is a masculine man who liked hanging out with their father and easily adjusted to moving in with their father after their mother left. Frank, however, took some time getting used to him and still missed his mother. (ADD?)
In the story “Family”, Max and Frank reunite one morning when they are both surfing. Frank, referred to as Leaper in this story,…

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