Essay on Analysis Of The Text ' Jerusalem Prize Acceptance Speech '

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Perspectives in relations in society In the text “Jerusalem Prize Acceptance Speech (1987)” J.M Coetzee, speaks about the Apartheid. The Apartheid was a system of racial discrimination which limited freedom for the South Africans. Apartheid caused chaos and created tensions in South Africa. I agree with J.M. Coetzee’s speech about the disapproval of Apartheid. Coetzee voice’s his perspectives on the limitations of politics, fiction, and the imagination in South Africa. In his speech, he talks about the limits that were put on the South African’s as a fear of the white people losing their power over them. In his speech Coetzee uses the metaphor “masters and slaves” to refer it to as the whites in power and the South Africans who are without a say in society and are controlled by the whites. Coetzee also talks about how the whites known as masters had formed a closed hereditary caste. In the text he says, “Since there is no way of escaping the skin you are born cannot resign from the caste”(96). The quote means that whether you agree with the place you are born with or not you can’t change your place because you can’t change the color that you are born with you can’t change your place in the caste system no matter how hard you try to change your place in society. The whites in South Africa were treated with privilege while the South African’s weren’t even allowed to have a say in anything. Coetzee says, “You can imagine resigning, you can perform a symbolic…

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