Terry Wahls Research Paper

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When completing the super food tracker, I realized how uneven “my plate” was. Before I even looked at my results I knew that I would have a lot of protein because I had turkey, and chicken twice that day. I also thought that I would not have a lot of vegetables because I only had lettuce and tomatoes. When tracking my food, I realized that I did not have any fruit the entire day. I also thought that I would have a lot of carbohydrates because I had a lot of bread and mashed potatoes and that is not good. For the second day tracking I really tried to even out “my plate” and eat all of the categories you are suppose to. I again thought I would have a lot of carbs because of the hamburger bun, Noodles, and mashed potatoes. I also thought that the amount of watermelon that I had would be enough fruit for the day so I was very interest to see what my fruit intake level was. The only problem with day two was that I …show more content…
Terry Wahls diet is very organic and has not a lot of processed meat. Dr. Wahls is all about eating everything organic and greens, she also loves the sulfurs. The USDA recommendations are straight up and very clear on what you should be eating and Dr. Wahls is more complex and stricter. Dr. Wahls talks about about sulfurs while the USDA talks nothing about eating lots of sulfur. Also Dr. Wahls is strict on what type of protein you are eating. Dr. Wahls is very clear with what she wants you to eat. For Example, she tells you what kind of protein to eat and what part of the animal you should eat. USDA is very simple and just lets you know what you should eat and how much. USDA is very broad while Dr. Terry Wahls is narrower. Dr. Wahls also recommends more food, she thinks that you should have a lot of greens on your plate throughout the day. USDA says that you should have fruit and dairy while Dr.Wahls says absolutely nothing about eating fruit and dairy throughout the day. Both of these are right, it is just how you want to look at

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