Essay about Analysis Of ' The Sunny Beach Of Coronado '

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The sunny beach of Coronado was a cunning monster that deceived all of the tourist’s eyes that passed through during the winter months. Vacationers from all over the world traveled to Coronado for it 's beautiful waters and tourist attractions. But just behind the beauty that was seen by all, lied an unforgiving beast that took the hearts and souls of many young men including myself. For years, paddles have been washing up along the shoreline of Coronado as if it was spitting up it 's trophies from the day before. A little further down the south end of the beach, white t-shirts could be found buried randomly, but no one really understands what it all means. These tourists don 't realize they are only a few yards away from something amazing. Looking left and looking right is the difference between Hell and paradise. The saying goes, “if you’re going through hell, keep going”, but as I learned at the ripe age of 20, sometimes you need to know your limits. The night was as cold as the water, maybe colder, but at least we were dry. This was the thought going through all of our minds as the time of reckoning approached us. Everyone blatantly aching from previous weeks of torture. Every few minutes, I distinctly remember putting pressure on my legs to ensure they’d hold up through the pain. The smell of body odor filled our warm, tiny tent. During that time, I almost fell asleep along with a few others. My vision was getting blurry, and my heart was slowing down to…

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