Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' Thank You Ma ' Am ' Mrs. Jones

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People who understands the hidden problems people face have more chance to help the person and give them strong speech. In the story “Thank You Ma 'am” Mrs. Jones try to understand why roger want to steal her purse. Mrs. Jones ask Roger “ Maybe, you ain 't been to your supper either, late as it be. have you?. - There 's nobody home at my house! Roger say.” (Jones 4). In other words, Ms. Jones ask roger if he eat but roger respond her that nobody are in his house. This shows how Mrs. Jones Try to understand why Roger want steal her pocketbook because he ask the boy if he already eat. Mrs. Jones is a woman that can understand the reason why others do bad actions after Roger say that are nobody in his house, Mrs. Jones feels more comfortable and help more the boy. Similarly Ms. Sun in “No Child…”. In this moment Ms. Sun call Jose grandmother to ask what is happen with him that are not going to the school. Ms. Sun say, “I haven’t see him in a week and the show is in twenty-four hours tomorrow actually- His brother was killed for gands - Oh!! forget about it.”(Sun 25). In other words, Ms. Sun call Jose grandma to know what happened with Jose that are not presented in school and he are part of the play and the play and he need to practice because the play show is in one day but Jose grandma tells her that Jose bother was kill for gans because Jose grandma wants Ms.Sun know the she think Jose is in gang too and Ms. Sun say to her that don 't worry about the play because Ms.Sun…

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