Analysis Of The Story ' Hills Like White Elephants ' By Ernest Hemmingway And ' The Story Of An Hour

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“Hills like White Elephants,” by Ernest Hemmingway and, “The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin are both short stories that take place in short periods of time and focus on the relationship of a couple. Though the stories differ greatly, they are similar in that they both include the use of a train as a symbol and in their focus of the women in the relationships introduced. The trains in both stories are the most significant similarity because they represent the different futures that Jig and Mrs. Mallard could have. While Hemmingway leaves his short story with an open ending regarding Jig’s future, Chopin reveals the outcome of Mrs. Mallard’s future.
Hemmingway’s short story takes place at a train station. The train station is painted by Hemmingway as the place where Jig must decide her future while she and her companion wait for their train. The inevitable arrival of the train is parallel to the inevitable decision that must be made about Jig’s pregnancy. Hemmingway keeps his audience waiting for the result of Jig’s contemplation much like Jig and The American Man wait for the train to arrive, but Jig’s decision is never revealed. She could either choose to have an abortion so she can continue to travel with her companion, or keep her child and part ways with The American Man. These different decisions for Jig’s future are like the train tracks at the station that divide and go many ways. Chopin’s short story involves a husband, Mr. Mallard, who dies in an accident…

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