Analysis Of The Speech ' Let 's Move ! ' Campaign Against Childhood Obesity

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1st Lady, Michelle Obama gave an eye- opening speech about her “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity. This took place at the NAACP national convention in Kansas City, Missouri in 2010. The NAACP, otherwise known as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an African-American civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909. There she spoke about how childhood obesity greatly targets African- American children and how this is now a big problem in society. In the speech, Mrs. Obama discusses how to solve this problem as well as providing facts, and specifics about why and how this is now a major problem in the African American society. To begin, Michelle Obama starts by welcoming those who are attending the NAACP convention and thanking all of them for their support. She then changes over into her speech. Next, in the speech she depicts how the NAACP has fought out against unfair practices and the treatment of people for over a hundred years. She does this in order to illustrate that obesity is another issue that the NAACP should take on. Mrs. Obama provided all three of the rhetorical strategies in her speech ethos, pathos, and logos. She evokes emotion from the audience by using pathos. While relating to the audience in a variety of ways by issuing ethos in her speech, as well as including logos to appeal to reason. Mrs. Obama uses emotion many of times throughout her…

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