Essay on Analysis Of The Short Story Of A Fire By Jack London

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Many authors and poets often manipulate stories and bend the rules when it comes to telling a story from a character 's perspective. The characters ability to detach themselves from reality and be present in the their own little world in which they created, can sometimes have benefits but can also be dangerous . In Jack London’s short story “ To Build a fire” The main character is able to isolate himself from outside influences and is able to deny reality. In the short story “ Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The narrator was also detached from reality but was trapped in a room with only her imagination that was taken over by a yellow wallpaper. In both cases reality was merely a phase in which both characters were not a part of but instead were a part of their own world.
In The short story “ To Build a Fire” By Jack London, The main character in the story creates a clear wall between reality and illusion.The main character knows the dangers and risk that he is taking but detaches himself from the situation by convincing himself that he is superior to the external conditions .The story begins with A man who is infused with determination and decides to brave the below zero temperatures for the promise of the warmth of a fire and shelter. He travels with a stray wolf dog whose intentions are also seeking warmth from a fire which in his case comes from the man. The unnamed main character is so confident in himself, that he does not use logic for his decisions but…

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