The Yellow Wallpaper Obsession Essay

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When thinking of bad mental habits, is obsession something that comes to mind? In “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, and Tim O’Brien’s’ “The Things They Carried” obsession is an underlying theme that drives all these stories. Obsession can be a confusing thing that many people face daily, as these characters did; reading about someone with obsession can give a lot of insight on people who are insane and how they’re handling the situation. How else could a woman think she’s trapped behind wallpaper, a lady of stature harbor dead corpses, or a Lieutenant letting one of his own men die without obsession being a huge part of it? Mental illness, insanity, postpartum depression, necrophilia, …show more content…
Her Doctor and husband decide to cure her, she is to be left alone, do no physical labor, and avoid anything that could cause stress. When she’s left inside a large room she eventually starts to lose her sanity and see a woman inside the yellow wallpaper. The narrator becomes obsessed with the woman inside the wallpaper; slowly growing more insane she finally loses her mind and believes she’s the woman inside the wallpaper. The woman fears she will be placed back behind the wallpaper and confronted her husband, only for him to …show more content…
The narrator of this story is the townspeople and they have a tough time staying out of Ms. Emily’s business. Who would blame them though, as a horrid smell came from her home after she had killed a man and harbored his body until she died. Ms. Emily was a woman of stature with an overprotective father “who kept her single until she was over 30” (254), but he eventually died and left Emily to be on her own. The townspeople pressured her to marry a man who she had been intimate with for some time. Once he wouldn’t marry her she eventually devised a plan for murder and ultimately became involved in

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