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The story of the essay I have chosen to discuss is ¨The Yellow Wallpaper¨ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The reason why I have chosen this story as part of my topic of discussion is because of the story's impact on a character who portrays her prison mentally and emotionally. The feeling of the prison becoming a wall that she finds unable to escape. Knowing that no matter what she plans to do, there’s no way out. However, the protagonist seeing a symbol of hope that she can break the chains that are holding her down.
The theme of the story for ¨the Yellow Wallpaper¨ is purgatory and walls. For purgatory, that would be the first theme because the story describes a woman who was ill from giving birth to her child. Ever since then, she´s been treated medically by her husband. She´s been residing in a room that has colored wallpaper and in her experience, there’s no way out. She doesn’t trust the things that are around her which make her strong and sometimes vulnerable.
As for the second theme, I selected walls (motif) as another representation of a theme towards the story because the narrator/character is placed in a particular room. In
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Point of view is defined as a pattern of how stories are narrated based on where the information is coming from. For example, whenever the story is guided into certain directions, it never gives a name of who it is talking about. The reason why is because the story is coming from a first person point of view. Furthermore, the narrator is slowing into mental illness, so it makes us as readers believe the story is being told from a person who is portraying the experience. For example, when there’s a movie playing in theaters, the movie is not just going to get right into the point, there’s going to be some backstory on how that event occurred and why. Also, everything I have known and read so far is being described from a person who is going through these tremors as a result of her

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