Analysis Of ' The Screenplays Of Jurassic Park And Strangers On A Train '

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Creation to Death: A Path of Ethical Decisions
The screenplays of Jurassic Park and Strangers on a Train tell the elaborate stories of an usual and abstract reality that many would consider normal. They have many aspects that connect them together, such as ethical and moral obligations, yet also make them diverse and independent of each other, such as their motives and timing behind certain events. Each screenplay is unique in that it is entirely created around an environment developed for itself and to build its own reality for the readers. Both screenplays Jurassic Park and Strangers on a Train portray the detrimental impact from the actions of a man trying to control nature and others lives, such as acting as a god in the act of creation and the timing of death, which lead to catastrophic events in their own lives and relationships.
The act of controlling nature, as in Hammond’s plan, as well as Bruno trying to control the outcome of Guy’s life is nearly impossible for an individual to sustain control. Individuals may be able to control certain aspects within the world, but to try to control everything is impossible. Initially this is brought up by Ellie when she states: “The question is - - how much can you know about an extinct ecosystem, and therefore, how could you assume you can control it?” (Koepp, 33) Here she is discussing we cannot truly control something we do not understand, such as the plants from a past ecosystem. When we do not truly understand something we…

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