Essay On Doom Of The Sirens

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Doom of the Sirens The Ringling museum is a very historically admired place to go. Not only were the Ringling brothers huge into the circus, which in fact were very successful, but they also had a strong passion for art. This museum was once John and Mable Ringling’s home, but unfortunately, the two passed away shortly after the mansion was built so it is now open to the public to show off some of the greatest pieces of artwork. The Museum is located in Sarasota, Florida and has three main parts to it; one dedicated to the Ringling’s circus treasures, fine art, and of course their beautiful mansion. The Ringling Museum recently opened a new exhibit featuring a wide variety of art from Asia. I will be focusing mainly on two great pieces of artwork in the 18th and 19th century. Edward Burne- Jones and Giovanni Paolo created two pieces of artwork in which are truly remarkable. They both used oil on canvas to show off their …show more content…
Again, this tells another famous myth about the nymphs were the sirens and they had the power of charming by the song they sang and all who heard them. When it was heard, the seamen of a ship encouraged to end their voyage by destruction. In Homer’s poem “The Odyssey”, Odysseus was warned about the Sirens by Circe, who was the magician. She directed Odysseus to fill the ears of the seamen with wax so that way they did not hear the song. The first thing I noticed about this painting is that it does not have a wide variety of color. It all blends in with each other. The girls on both the right side and the left side are all the same shade of color. Their shapes are elongated and seem to emerge from the rocks. All of the seamen on the boat and the sails are a dark color and mixes together to make it look like there is not much detail in the painting when there actually is. The sky is very dark and gloomy which makes it seem like something bad might

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