Analysis Of The Retelling ' Of The Jesus Story Can You Think Of?

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Provide multiple examples and discussion for each of the following:
• What other examples of the “retelling” of the Jesus Story can you think of? (I.e., not discussed in detail in class.)

I believe there are far more retellings of the Jesus Story than could be explained in just the expanse of this short paper. Many of the retellings have already been discussed during the Mission Message class. In fact, a large portion of the class and one paper has already been dedicated to discussion of the retelling of Jesus Story in terms of the authorship of the Gospels. It is well understood scholarship that each of the Gospels were shaped by some sort of retelling of the Jesus tale. Even Mark (if you stick with Markan priority) would have had to construct his tale based at least in some ways off of the retelling of the tale. Any events in the Gospels that occurred without the writer as a witness would have been had to be constructed, then, by a retelling. Clearly retellings of the Jesus tale are pivotal to the expansion of and knowledge about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In terms of retellings not covered in class, I believe films, Christmas traditions, Church traditions, and word of mouth are four of the most important ways that the Jesus Story continues to be retold. Films like Jesus Christ Superstar, God’s Not Dead, Son of God and The Passion all express the telling of the Jesus Story and makes it accessible in another format outside the Bible. Each of course, has its own…

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