Analysis Of ' The Precious New Treasure ' Essay

1104 Words Oct 27th, 2015 5 Pages
It was Christmas day, and the mysterious package was finally his hands from his parents. This package of the worlds most powerful, most captivating, most addictive drug, Charlie cradled in between his arms as if to protect it from others who may snatch it away. Ripping the carefully wrapped box open, Charlie ogled at his precious new treasure: his first smartphone; and as Golem did with his ring, Charlie held his phone up to his face and allowed the spontaneity of Twitter, the procrastination of Netflix, and the limitless interactions of Facebook fill not only his mind, but his soul. Little did he know that his parents have brought him into the parasitic world of an inescapable hyperreality we call the internet. To this hyperbolic story we cowardly complain of its false, polarized, and exaggerated nature. We shun those who comment on our phone usage. We turn away from the truth of what our phones have transformed us to be. Sherry Turtle, out of frustration exposes, “Our phones are not accessories, but psychologically potent devices that change not just what we do, but who we are.” We have established such a negative symbiotic relationship with our phones, such that our addiction of them is ever so gripping as we are drained of our empathy and humanity. In me, there is a Charlie. In me, there is a Charlie who devourers an unopened package because my old phone fails to give me the high I used to feel. In me, there is a Charlie who can barely escape the other ultraconvenient…

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