Analysis Of The Poem ' Tortilla Soup ' Essay

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An Analysis of Tortilla Soup Tortilla Soup is a film that does more than give the viewer a good feeling. Tortilla Soup is a film with many uplifting qualities that the viewer can relate. The opening scene draws the viewer in as the main protagonists, Martin Naranjo played by Hector Elizondo, prepares a large meal with many different dishes for his family. The way that Naranjo manipulates the kitchen cutlery demonstrates that he is more than a cook. His skill demonstrates that he is a fine chef. The opening scene of Naranjo preparing the meal is very relaxing to watch his culinary skills at work. It was interesting that one of the dishes was a melon blossom soup. The author had never heard of or observed this dish being served so it required some investigation. Tortilla Soup is an enjoyable film that introduces romance and comedy during the preparation and sharing of a special meal. This film has many protagonists. The main protagonist is Martin Naranjo. He is an accomplished chef who is a widower. He lives with his three adult daughters who are very beautiful, but remain single. Naranjo lost his wife approximately ten years prior to the setting of the film. Since then he has assumed the role of father and mother. Naranjo works as a chef fulfilling is fatherly role and he also does all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry fulfilling his motherly role. Naranjo maintains that on every Sunday, the family shares a meal to share their life experiences of the week with each…

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