Mexican Comedian Eugenio Derbez: Film Analysis

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Instructions not included is a Mexican comedy-drama film. The Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez made his debut as a film director in the film “Instruction not included”. He also plays the main character of a Mexican playboy named Valentinthat live in Acapulco. Is the highest-grossing Spanish-language film released in the United States. It’s a movie that can be enjoyed with your family and friends. The film deals with universal themes like love, fear of parenthood, migration and cultural identity.
The movie is about a womanizer called Valentin bravo he lives in Acapulco. When he was a child his father prepared Valentin to overcome fear and to be prepared for life. Valentin’s father said: “Fear is a creature of nature that can be dominated by men”. When he became a
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She said that the baby was from Valentin then she left. She called Valentin telling him that she is not prepared to raise a baby. So Valentin decides to travel to Los Angeles in search of Julie, but she didn’t live no longer in Los Angeles. Valentin end up taking care of Maggie. He became a good father, he raised Maggie for seven years giving her a lot of happiness, and carefree home .Valentine was working as a stuntmen to play the bills. To hide from Maggie that her mother abandoned her. Valentin writes every week a letter to Maggie from Julie detailing various adventures like saving the world and meeting Batman .One day Julie called Valentin saying that she was going to Los Angeles and want to meet Maggie. Julie was trying to be part of Maggie life again, she came with her partner Renee. After her departure Julie realizes that she want to be with Maggie .She files for the custody and cites Valentin’s job and his lack of English as the main reason that he cannot raise Maggie. Valentin won the legal custody of Maggie then Julie asked for a paternity test. They discover that Valentin was not the biological father, and they were going to take Maggie away from him. So he run away with Maggie back to

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