Analysis Of The Poem ' Those Winter Sundays ' By Robert Hayden

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This paper will be analyzing and interpreting three poems about fathers such as mood, imagery and metaphor. The first poem that is going to be discussed is “Those Winter Sundays” By Robert Hayden, This poem discusses his childhood and he thinks back to the sacrifices his father made for his family. He discussed how his father was a hard worker would get up early in the cold weather to make sure the house was warm when his family awoke. One of the examples of moods in this poem would be guilt and regret, he mentions more than once in the poem how nobody ever thanked his father, now thinking back, he realizes his father was showing love by making sure the house was warm for his family. An example, of imagery in this poem is when his discusses “the blue-black cold” (line 2) as well as describing, “his father cracked aching hands from hard labor” (line three.) The literary techniques used in this poem discussed above helped the reader feel as if they were part of the story. Hayden describes the cold as “the blue-black cold” (line 2) which helps the reader see that it is very cold and early in the morning.
The next poem I will be discussing is “My Fathers Hats” By Mark Irwin, is about a man looking back on his childhood remembering the smell of his father’s hats that he use to reach up and grab when he was a young boy and now that his father has passed on he misses his father’s smell. The way he discusses Sundays mornings when he was a child. To me, he is in a sad mood missing…

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