Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Perfume '

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Death is Hilarious: an analysis of Black Humor in Süskind’s Perfume
As the researchers looked on to their hero “casting his garments from him in the icy cold and whooping in exultation”, they found meaning in their sacrifice for their scientific cause despite the fact that their movement was founded on completely false information. It’s almost ironic how people can find meaning in a meaningless science by what most people would consider an act that completely confutes it. Süskind’s Black Humor, while very offensive and rude, creates a satirical tone that lightens the mood of the book and ultimately makes the reader question the author’s intention. Black Humor ultimately serves as a connection between irony, understatement, and brevity which contributes to the lighthearted tone that doesn’t seem to match up with the content of the book. While Grenouille “was not especially big, nor strong—ugly”, he might’ve actually been attractive by what we’ve read. Süskind utilizes Black Humor throughout the text which consequently presents a lighter tone ergo making the authors intent to contrast the lighter tone and the depressing text. Black Humor has developed itself since the term was created in the 1930’s by surrealist Andre Breton. The idea of it is to contrast morbid ideas or beliefs with the act of being humorous and what happens is directly in the middle. Offending certain groups while also poking fun at them is a common example of black humor. Perfume is an excellent novel that…

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