Analysis Of The Poem ' The Lost Love ' Essay

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The Lost Love One
Sadness filled the air when my family got the upsetting news that my beloved great grandmother passed away. My grandmother was someone that was extremely close to me and someone that I would do anything for. She was always there for me when my parents couldn’t. Out of everybody in my big family, the loss of my great grandmother hit me and my brothers the worst. My late grandmother lived with us personally so we saw her every day. When you are used to seeing someone 24/7, then you can’t see them anymore takes a toll on your life. I can connect to the poem “Facing It”, because in the poem the narrator talks about how he ran his fingers across Andrew Johnson. With this being said I believe that this person who he touched meant something to him. I felt guilty when it came to my great grandmother’s death. I was not able to stay strong at her funeral. After everything was said and done, I finally realized the difference between me and my grandma.
It was hard for me to understand why did it happen to me. Why did I have to lose someone close to me? I felt guilty about her passing because as a young child you don’t understand the amount of stress you put on your guardians. Now that I look back at it I know personally that I wasn’t the reason but I sometimes drove her crazy. I wasn’t a mischievous child I was just extremely active. At her age, she should not have been running after me and chasing me up and down the stairs in our home. In the poem it states that the…

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