Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' Lonely Moment ' Essay

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In that lonely moment, she wanted some sort of token even from nature. A magical sign to convince her that their serenade of love, would echo, its refrain, although he is far, so far away from her.
Somehow, the melody of the river’s voice changed ever so slightly. It caught her attention, but she didn’t understand it. Briefly, she felt warmed by living again their first happy kiss. Like the rippling water, she wanted their love, to flow on, forever more.
By the time love walked them down the aisle, Tank had wrestled long and hard with the idea of leaving the military. He never did nor did he speak of his experiences in the service.
Right from the beginning they lived on base. Ellie came to hate living in base housing. She wished for a forever home, where they could plant a small tree in the backyard, and somewhere down the road, enjoy the apples it produces in the fall.
Ellie wanted to paint the living room walls, anything but white. Just to know that she could change the color when a notion took her, was all she desired. She wanted a place where Tank could build a barbecue pit, and raised flower beds that won’t get ripped up when orders to move on comes.
Longingly she dreams of gently swinging in the backyard talking with the baby in her tummy. None of it is possible living in base housing.
Sadly the moonbeams dimmed and their river dance faded away. Daily she wished that somehow, in some way she could change it all. One disappointment after another left her life, little…

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