Analysis Of The Poem ' The Cry Of Freedom ' Essay

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As I stated in my review for Battle Cry of Freedom, I believe that James McPherson’s loyalties in his writing are staunchly Northern in regards to the Civil War. The word revolution is defined as “a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.” So, if we go by the actual definition from the Northern point of view then yes it was a revolution but from the southern man’s point of view then no it was not a revolution. The word revolution was used in context to describe northern political agendas. I believe that actual word was still part of the vernacular used by the senior statesmen to instigate an uproar and fervor to motivate the northern cause and the governments political agenda. For example a local politician wrote, “The northern people seemed to be “on the tiptoe of Revolution,” which then filtered to the press with a journalist writing that “the process now going on in the politics of the United States is a Revolution” (2729). The politicians used the word revolution to promote the northern cause and McPherson still plays into this agenda over 100 years later. If time travel was possible and the media was able to go back and interview the southern man, I honestly do not believe that the word revolution would have been used in their description of what was happening. McPherson is able to twist the southern man’s word saying the they did call it a revolution but only after they had been north and heard the word used in the…

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