Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Cathedral '

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Analysis of the “Cathedral”

In the story of the “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, there were three elements that were important to the story .The three elements that were important to this story were the point of view, the plot and the theme. The point view was important because it evaluated deep into the character of the narrator in the story. The plot was another way for the narrator to express his thought and attitude toward other main characters, while the theme was the third element that has common and simple messages that a reader can found, such as in any other story.
The first element of this story was the point of view. The story of the Cathedral was told by the man who had a wife, and that she had a close relationship with the blind man, named Robert. The husband was the one who tell the story, and through him, the reader understood his character. Based on the fact that he said that “my ideas of blindness come from the movies (Carver, 494)”, the reader could infer that he had an ignorant character. The reader could think that he was just making assumption based on something unreal. Additionally, the reader could also tell that he had an arrogant character. He thought that the blind man was not somebody special to him. It was evident when he had an argument with his wife about him. When his wife said that “if you had any friends that will came to visit, I’d make him feel comfortable (Carver, 450)”, his response was that “I did not have any blind friends (Carver,…

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