Compare Cathedral And A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”-Martin Luther King, Jr. In countless stories throughout the years, there are characters who symbolize the ignorant people within our humanity. Within our society there are people who fail to try to understand those different things, and we even have people who believe they are “good” while ignorantly and unsurprisingly having their own flaws. In both Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, and A Good Man Is Hard To Find, by Flannery O’Connor, the central characters are forced to deal with circumstances that change their beliefs about themselves and others. The authenticity of these two stories show you the dangers of ignorance and how you should live life the first time around. In Cathedral, there are two main characters. There is the husband, and a blind man named Robert. Raymond Carver details two polarizing characters: the blind man at first is just a visitor who the wife is really close to and therefor curious as to why he’s there, while the husband is a helpless, carless, lazy man that doesn’t seem too deep into his relationship. “If you love me,” …show more content…
“Never thought anything like this could happen in your lifetime, did you bub? Well, it’s a strange life, we all know that. Go on now. Keep it up (Carver, 2013, p. 112).” From the beginning of the story Carver displays symbolism is blindness, which can be symbolized as not seeing the truth. The husband was about to lose himself for good when the blind man showed up. Initially he is filled with precursors of the blind man then gets to know him and eventually is taught to see through a blind man. We can either realize what our flaws are and change them, or we can fail to understand our flaws until it is too

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