Analysis Of The Poem ' Soldiers Home ' By Harold Krebs Essay

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In Earnest Hemingway, short story “Soldiers Home” Harold Krebs’ character appears in two photographs which are critical to how his own existence transforms first as a young fraternity student then in the likeness of a soldier under the effects of World War I. As well as, a third depiction apparent in images of black and white within the pages, exposing Krebs’ inability to conform in society and his failure to proceed in finding his purpose in life after returning from the war. This triggers Harold on to a path of isolation; all things considered, his character becomes one of a man that exhibits traits of being lonely, a liar to endure in the town he calls home, as well as an idle man.
In the story Harold Krebs, evolves into a male with emotional damage as a result of war. He is unable to love anyone leading to a solitary life for him. For example, the change from a member of a social organization who attends a Methodist college where he seems to fit in naturally; then, on the other hand, the German women that are far from eye-catching, who does not seem to share an attachment with him in the war photograph. Not to mention, upon his return he does not yearn to pursue any girls, under the circumstances, he does not wish for consequences. First, Harold’s persona is one of a gentleman on top of the world, in addition to, someone who can attract any schoolgirl he desires when he is a man of the fraternity. Secondly, Krebs is with comrade merging under the…

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