Analysis Of The Poem ' Lift Ev ' Ry And Sing By James Weldon Johnson

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In life, humans sometimes do better when they work as a team. It is the fact that helping one another is what makes a job easier. It all started when I was painting my room and my brother came and grabbed a brush and started painting with me. Although I may not have asked for the help, it made the job easier and faster. We ended up finishing my room in a shorter time period. It goes to show that working together and accomplishing a goal as a team is much better than doing things alone. In the poem, Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson, it illustrates how the black community joins together through the struggles to escape the harsh times of slavery. The poem was a commemoration to Abraham Lincoln who helped them escape from slavery. He was their savior. He was the reason they could have a new life. This then led to be labeled as the “Black National Anthem” (Johnson 51). The figure of Abraham Lincoln helped transpire the slaves to harmonize together as a unit. The slave’s experiences as a team forwarded them to achieving the American Dream of a better life. Contemporary society has succeeded in making unity a reality by bonding together in escaping slavery and spreading the message of freedom through society The American Dream is based on unity because it reveals the teamwork that the black community had to go through to gain their freedom. In the poem, by Johnson states, “Lift every voice and sing, till the Earth and Heaven ring/Ring with the harmonies of…

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