Analysis Of The Poem ' I Was Sung Into This World ' Essay

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Sholeh Wolpe writes two poems, one in particular is from personal experience where she indicates her feelings about death. However, the other is written from third person point of view where she reveals others’ feelings towards death. Although, the two poems are told from two different points of view, they share similar messages. “I Was Sung into This World” and “She Forgot” use the description of the beds to suggest the difference in attitudes towards death.

How is it that beds connect to death? In many cases, actions regarding sleeping, resting and peace are associated with beds, however, these same actions are also related to death. When death has occurred many people may say things such as: “I laid my loved one to rest”and “rest in peace”. So, the beds are used as a visual aid in the poems to suggest characters attitudes towards death. For example, in “I Was Sung into This World”, Sholeh Wolpe begins her poem discussing how she was born into this world on her bed. By telling readers this, she sets a peaceful tone in the poem. She even reads the poem in a peaceful way at the Poetry Reading. The bed scene is used to reveal Sholeh Wolpe’s attitude towards death. It is clear that she has no fear of it. However, in “She Forgot” the poem begins with a taunting visual of a bed. The poems explains that death is a thief of the bed. The narrator even describes the thief as a pale Dracula. Therefore, the imagery used in “She Forgot” symbolizes that a character fears death. The…

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