Analysis Of The Poem ' Hide And Seek ' Essay

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In ‘Hide and Seek’ the main two emotions are excitement and disappointment. Excitement is present throughout the poem except in the last three lines. In the beginning of the poem excitement is mixed with mischief and playfulness, the example of which we can see in this line,
‘Call out. Call loud: ’I’m ready! Come and find me!’
Vernon Scannell creates such an effect by the use of short and simple sentences to create a feeling of excitement, as well as the imperative commands and the direct speech making this line very personal and immediate as if the exciting boy is commanding the reader. Excitement of the boy can also be seen in the way that he speaks, such as,
‘Don’t breath. Don’t move. Stay dump.’
In this line, the short sentences are almost creating an imagery of a boy hiding with the reader and telling the reader what to do, but as the boy is very nervous about being found he holds his breath so the words come out with a gulping sound. Excitement is also emphasised by senses, for example,
‘The sacks in the toolshed smell like the seaside’
The alliteration shows the excitement, by the use of the word ‘seaside’, where children often play and therefore associate the word with games and fun, as well as creating a more vivid picture for the reader.
Disappointment and feelings of betrayal creep up closer to the end of the poem, where the poet places certain hints to suggest that something bad ought to happen. The first sign of betrayal is given in
‘Hide in your blindness.’

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