Analysis Of The Poem ' Glory Of Women ' Essay

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In addition, the poem “Glory of Women” was written in 1917. The poem, demonstrates how women viewed soldiers as glorious in spite of the dangers war brought upon men. Particularly in “Glory of Women” Sassoon described his anger towards the absence of mercy from women during WW1. In a sense, the poem portrays women as patriotic, but also ignorant. Throughout the poem, Sassoon uses a sarcastic tone, first demonstrating it through the use of the word “glory” in the title. From the very beginning, Sassoon displays his anger; “You love us when we’re heroes, home on leave, / or wounded in a mentionable place” (“Glory” 1-2). This short but strong description describes how women adored them as heroes, but the circumstances of their health did not matter, as long as they represented heroism. During the First War World, it was not a secret that women praised soldiers. For example, in 1914, artist E.J. Kealey produced the poster “Women of Britain Say- ‘Go!’” The poster was used for the British Army Recruitment Campaign. It depicts a British woman with her two children, looking out an open window as a squad of troops marches by. The article Losing Sight: War, Authority, and Blindness in British and American Visual Cultures, 1914-22 by David M. Lubin states, “The window signifies social transparency. In this case, it allows the women to keep a proud, if anxious, eye on their men, ensuring they act in a properly masculine fashion” (805). Primarily the poster was created to…

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