Analysis Of The Poem ' Dorian Gray ' Essay

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The yard was filled with the sickeningly sweet scent of blooming flowers, from the hard-petaled magnolias to the soft brittle trilliums, all competing and vying for the attention of the beholder, Dorian Gray. In a place not accustomed to the cruelty of the outside world he lived peacefully with his only true friend and companion, Basil Hallward. They ate, drank, and talked together in the luscious garden of flowers, day by day. This peaceful and monotonous life was home to them: that is, until Basil began work on a special painting of Dorian.

“Just look at him,” whispered Lord Henry, an acquaintance to the two. “Abusing your kindness so freely,” he said to Dorian.
“It’s what he wanted, Harry. As an artist he must paint of what he finds beautiful,” he replied.
“He’s taking advantage of you Dorian. Your natural and wonderful handsomeness, with your stunning blue eyes and crisp gold hair… Do you truly not see how youthful and full of beauty you are?”
“Nonsense. He’d never take advantage of me. Why would you say th-”
“Turn your head to the right a bit more, like a good boy Dorian,” Basil commanded. Dorian obliged, turning his head towards the tulips to better catch the light. Lord Henry started to leave, but instilled one fateful comment to Dorian prior to his departure: “Such a shame you won’t retain this beauty forever… When your youth wanes, your beauty shall fade with it.”

Dorian thought more about the statements made during their conversation, primarily the final…

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