Analysis Of The Poem ' Death Be Not Proud ' Essay

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In the essay I will explore the way poets teach the reader about death and suffering. Death is something that is often used in poetry as it something everyone can relate to, it is something that is inevitably going to happen to everyone. It is also something that everyone must experience at some time in their lives; the death of a loved one, of a family member or friend. This means that everyone is able to empathise on some level with the poetry and can understand what the writer feels so emotionally strongly about. Often suffering is related to those who are close to death as much as physical suffering. Many poets have contrasting views, meaning on the whole the approach towards death is balanced. For example in ‘death be not proud’ Donne promotes the idea of religion in a way to refute death’s power. However in ‘aubade’ Larkin refutes religion, and is angered at the way he believes that it tries to cover up the truth. Often there is overlap between the various sections, for example the power of death is much based on a person’s religious beliefs. In the section on war and conflict there are different views on what is the most important aspect of war poetry. For example in ‘a mother in a refugee camp’ by Chinua Achebe, Achebe is very much focusing on the suffering of individuals. Whereas in ‘Prayer before birth’ by Philip Larkin the poem is entirely based on the ideological faults in war, and is much less personal than ‘a mother in a refugee camp’. The section…

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