Essay on Analysis Of The Play ' Salem '

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The play takes place in a small town called Salem in the state of Massachusetts. The time period where the play takes place is around 1692. This small town filled with different types of people but they all have one thing in common and it is their religion. Everyone in Salem is very religious. They all are Christians. The town is so small that everyone knows each other very well. In this time era children were not allowed to have fun. It was considered against the ways of the church. Therefore the children could not dance, sing, or even play with each other. There is a saying that rules were made to be broken. In this case the people that broke the rules were literally almost everyone in Salem. All the eventual chaos that started in Salem was when a group of girls decided that they wanted to go to the woods and dance. And Parris accidently walked there and saw the girls dancing and one of the girls was Betty her daughter and her niece Abigail Williams. Betty fainted and they did not know why this all happened and Parris did not want everyone to know what the girls were doing because that would cause his reputation to get obliterated. There was no actual known cause of why Betty fell sick so they came up with an assumption that it had something to do with witchcraft. They had called upon Reverend Hale. He was known for his expertise in witchcraft. Therefore they called him to examine her. Then the blame game starts and the people of Salem start to blame each other of being…

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