Analysis Of The Play ' Dontes Inferno ' Essay

1151 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
The play was very similar to a poem I used to read called Dontes inferno. I love that it’s a sad and dark play it is most definitely a tragedy. The way I feel after watching it made me die inside. I love the person I am currently with and I am planning on getting married to her, like in the play and yet I know that we can die anytime and anywhere. I cannot imagine the sadness of the loss of a friend or a person I love is what hurts me the most. The play is something I got really personal with maybe the story or the fact I’m in the black box but I felt a similar connection to Orpheus. The saddest part to me is when Eurydice writes a letter to Orpheus’ future wife where it says to take care of him and be nice. The reason I was about to fall out into tears is that is what my girlfriend would say if she ever past. That part was the hardest to watch and then it ended and nothing was ever built on that.
This play teaches a lot, like to love the ones while you can or to be careful to the things or people you encounter. Death comes to us all in the end and it comes to people a lot sooner than others. The loss of a loved one is hard but the loss of someone who loves you still is hard. That is what I learned in this play you are never truly dead unless someone forgets you but by the memory they still live. Orpheus had the memory of his love Eurydice and that pushed him to actually go see her. He goes through hell to find her and yet she stays. She stays to be with her…

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