Essay on Analysis Of The Patchwork Quilt By Valerie Flournoy

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Clinical 3: Set High Expectations

Stretch it
The goal of “Stretch it” is to make asking and answering follow-up questions a habit, adding a divertiy of types of questions and developing a classroom culture where students embrace that learning is never done (Lemov, 2015, p.108). The lesson that I prepared my stretched it activity was for a read aloud vocabulary lesson on the book The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy. I wanted my students to be able to stretch it with the definitions of our two vocabulary words, Masterpiece and Patchwork, and with pulling evidence from the text. When planning the lesson, I specifically laid out the definitions in my lesson plan that I wanted my students to be able to approximately generate (“Masterpiece: “a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship.” – Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) as well as the specific evidence from the text that I wanted them to pull out and the connection I wanted them to make (Patchwork: pull out from the text sentences that reference small pieces and different colors). During the lesson, I would not move on from a question until the class had answered the question as I had prepared it ahead of time
No Opt Out
Before this lesson, I identified three students I would probably have to employ no opt out on and prepared some straightforward questions that I knew my students would be able to answer if they put forth the effort. This lesson was an extension of the lesson that I gave for the stretch it activity.…

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