Analysis Of ' The ' Of ' Aphrodite ' Essay

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Aphrodite, after mourning for a few seconds in silence, spoke again with a far away look in her eye. “Most of my children are dead, now.” She trained her eyes on me, and nodded a bit, almost like it was to herself. “You’ll last the longest.” If only she knew.
“Why did you hide from us if you knew Eros was one of your last children still alive?” Dawson asked softly. I felt Dawson was asking all the questions I could not bring myself to. If she was truly so depressed by the fact my siblings were gone, then why did she avoid us all so carefully? Should she not have welcomed me with open arms? After all, what had I ever truly done to her? Nothing to the magnitude she did to me, I knew. She had no excuse.
“How was I supposed to know what he was doing here? He came walking down the street up to my house with some guy. Plus, as far as I can tell, he still hates me. Why would I want that reminder? An ignorant girl broke us apart, so who knows what time did to that wedge?” she questioned defensively, glaring not at us, but at the wall behind us, like she was remembering something distasteful. Her change of attitude was slightly surprising, but it did not stun me enough to keep me quiet.
I scoffed, “You act as though I am unjustified! My wife was one thing, but my child is another. What about my son? Or my daughter? You condemned them to the mistakes of their mother and I, and for that, I feel the utmost contempt for you. But now, you have lost almost all your children and felt that…

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