Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Loyalty and Infidelity

Focusing on the marriage of Odysseus and Penelope in the epic “The Odyssey,” we will explore how one woman love for her husband shows mental prowess that most lack to possess. The objective of this text is to show the differences among the female and male positions in a marriage dealing with double standards. Penelope was faced with twenty years of adversity and not knowing the well-being of her husband, but managed to stay faithful throughout the entire ordeal. She portrayed her loyalty by staying truthful to her marriage upholding her vows for better or for worse. Her husband encounter situations where he lacked the mental toughness of his significant other and failed his marital union. The complexity of the male animal instinct is to hunt and was shown on several occasion when Odysseus showed the lack of mental fortitude when faced with the temptation of Circe, Calypso, and the princess of Nausikaa of the Phaecians. It could be viewed that Odysseus failed dealing with temptation due to circumstances, but the traditions of marriage should have overcame all desires to commit infidelity. Penelope’s commitment toward her marriage showed true dedication and gave readers insight on what taking vows really mean. Was it really possible for a woman to stay truthful over a twenty year period not knowing the existences or where about of her husband? Knowingly performing acts of impurity have lasting effects and negative outlooks on woman more than…

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