Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Winter 's Bone '

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A select few of people in life tend to rebel or challenge the perceived normality in their society during a certain age or time. In the novel Winter’s Bone, author Daniel Woodrell visualizes and expresses a character that would be considered part of this select few through the characterization and outlook of Ree Dolly. This young girl is presented as a character that both defies and at the same time accepts the society accepted stereotypical and strict gender roles of her world that strongly believes women should be submissive to men. Ree Dolly embodies and displays this combination of gender roles through teachings to her brothers and when taking actions to find her father be a symbol of her inner personality, which is a combined embodiment that many single parents have to take on today in America.
Ree Dolly is presented as the mother and father figure for her household, which is a mixture of the gender roles of a woman and a man in the world of the novel. David Bowman, who wrote the review of Winter’s Bone in the New York Times article, states “She knows her way around firearms. She has a clinical compassion for her crazy mother.” Here, Bowman is exemplifying Ree as encompassing a motherly aspect or duty within the novel that is expected of a woman within the society that she is living in. Ree’s nurturing aspect of her personality is displayed when she is visualized washing her ill mother’s hair and teaching her two younger brothers, Harold and Sonny, to do the same…

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