Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Jasper Jones '

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English Online Seminar: Alex Wasley
Welcome and good evening to my online seminar of the novel ‘Jasper Jones’ This novel is set around the era of the 1960’s, in a hot summer day. This novel created by Craig Silvery has created the character Charlie Bucktin that I have chosen for my character analysis. Through the use of textual and aesthetic features Craig can show Charlies opposing views than society. Charlie struggles to understand people’s reasons for committing crimes like robbery in the town. He starts to become aware of a number of inhumanities like racism that was notorious in the 1960’s, and starts to realize that people are not as ‘good’ as he assumed. The well - established town of Corrigan in Western Australia, is wrought by prejudice, lies and the constant delusions of Aboriginals like Jasper Jones. Through the novel Charlie gets up close and personal with the racial taunts that regularly hurled at him, he enunciates a poignancy and pathos of emotions beyond his years on realizing that he must confront his own dishonesty. Charlie needs to adopt to new situations that are thrown at him and overcome his fears like arachnophobia, Entomophobia and his Mother with bravery, boldness and straight up by making audacious remarks in the novel.
The first part of the novel that portrays the nature of bravery that Charlie is starting to reveal is when Charlie leaves the safety of his home. This scene illustrates to us just how safe he feels at home and that he requires…

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