Analysis Of The Novel ' And How Does Stevenson Present Him? Essay

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What is the importance of Dr Lanyon in the novel, and how does Stevenson present him?

Dr Lanyon is an important character in Stevenson 's novel because, like Dr Jekyll, he is a scientist and doctor, so he makes an interesting point of comparison and contrast. He is also the only character to actually witness the transformation of Hyde turning into Jekyll. His account of this is very interesting to the reader. Stevenson saves Lanyon 's account until the penultimate chapter, where it dramatically solves most of the mystery about the character of Mr Hyde.
Dr Lanyon first appears in Chapter 2 when Utterson goes to consult him about the strange will of their friend Dr Jekyll. He is described as a "hearty, healthy" gentleman with a warm manner of welcoming his friend that is based on "genuine feeling". This emphasis on his good qualities and his genuine friendship is important. It makes us trust him and believe his judgement may be right when he says that, because Jekyll "began to go wrong", he has seen little of him during the last ten years. In fact, he becomes uncharacteristically agitated and talks angrily of Jekyll 's ideas as "scientific balderdash". This raises our level of interest in what Dr Jekyll might be involved in.
Utterson is clearly very friendly with Lanyon, and likes him. Because Utterson appears in the novel much more frequently than the doctor, and is also a steady, reliable, caring man, we tend to trust Lanyon even more. Stevenson makes him appear a…

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