Analysis Of ' The Notebook ' Essay

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The Notebook” expresses a long time love a couple has for each other by switching between past and present. First we see the older couple inside a nursing home, where the older man is following his daily routine of reading to his wife who appears to have Alzheimer’s in attempt of jogging her memory. As the old man is reading to his wife, we see two younger kids who are living the story, as it is happening. This movie is exactly what it sounds like, a typical sappy love story. Teenage girls often gain unrealistic expectations of love as a result of watching the movie. We see two completely different people whom we wouldn’t expect to be together, overcome hardships and fight the rising odds to make things work. The character development leaves the audience on the edge of their seat throughout the duration of the movie from the moment they meet, to where her mother forbids the two’s relationship all the way to the very end when the older woman once again remembers her long time love. “The Notebook” surely fits in the romance category; however gives girls an unrealistic expectation of love along with being similar to other love stories showcasing fierce writer’s cliché.
There is no denying the chemistry between Allie Hamilton ( Rachel McAdams) and Noah Colhoun ( Ryan Gosling) but when you take a look at their relationship is it one you really would desire? Noah is head over heels for Allie from the very beginning when he first hangs himself from the Ferris wheel to win a date…

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