Analysis Of The Musical Hamilton, By Aaron Burr Essay examples

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“What’s your name, man?” This perfectly reasonable question is asked by Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton, and introduces the audience to Alexander Hamilton. Asking for a name is a very common way to start a conversation with someone and begin to get to know him or her. This introduction has become so common place that no one thinks about the story behind the name he or she has been told, but names hold so much history in them. The reason a name was chosen or the reason a nickname was created is unique to every individual. All names carry a story with them, and I have three names that I use frequently. Maggie, Margaret, and Peggy all have a different origin, which are uniquely important to me. The name that I grew up knowing is Maggie. This name was chosen for two reasons: my parents, especially my mom, thought the name was pretty, and they needed a name that none of my cousins had. For most families, finding an unused name is not a complicated feat, but I had about sixty cousins by the time I was born. My parents decided eventually upon the name Maggie, and revealed the decision to my maternal grandmother. Most grandparents would be excited and thrilled to learn the name of their future granddaughter, but she has been through this reveal forty times already with her other grandchildren. Her response to hearing the name was, “Maggie? That is an old lady’s name.” Even my mother’s best friend was given the name Maggie as a suggestion for her own daughter and said, “Maggie is…

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