Analysis Of The Movie ' What 's Eating Gilbert Grape ' Essay

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Unhappiness is the state of being doleful or unsatisfied in a situation. In the movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the main character faces many problems within his family and internally which causes him to grow unhappy with his current lifestyle. Each member of the family has an influence on Gilbert’s feelings on his life, and greatly influences the conclusion to the ending of the movie.
The character that contributes the least to Gilbert’s troubled life is his sister Amy. Amy rarely interferes with Gilbert, but still has her influence on his unhappiness. An example of this is her being the “mother” in their house to help their mom, Bonnie. Amy often takes Bonnie’s side in most situations, and sometimes even acts like her, which upsets Gilbert to a certain extent. Amy is the most calm out of all of the family members, and rarely causes trouble in the household.
Although Amy doesn’t contribute much to Gilbert’s life, Ellen absolutely does. Ellen is the youngest out of all of the family members, and with being the youngest, comes immaturity. Ellen often doesn’t take consideration for those around her. She is troublesome, rude, and at times, a bully. She contributes to Gilbert being miserable by being disrespectful to Gilbert, as well as not having respect for Arnie. As a matter of fact, there is an instance where Ellen pushes Arnie down when he is trying to reach the water tower, which instantly upsets Gilbert. Ellen also gets on Gilbert’s nerves when the family is at the…

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