Analysis Of The Movie ' Thomas ' Essay

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Thomas’ slight smile as he pursed his lips to bow over her hand warmed Allie’s fears. Allie wanted to reach out and touch his dimpled cheek- run her fingers through his thick hair… As his lips brushed the back of her hand, she sighed. She wanted more than a kiss to the back of her hand, she wanted Thomas to take her into his arms and kiss her; kiss her the way he kissed her on the balcony at Millie Roberts party after Eli left them alone. She wanted him to pull her tightly to him, she wanted to feel his firm body pressed against hers so she would know that he was actually there… mainly, she wanted him to assure her that everything was going to be all right. She had feared the war starting would prevent his entering port.
When he straightened, she went straight into his arms, wrapped her arms around him, and held tight. Her fervor took Thomas by surprise, and although he could see her mother walking into the foyer he did not shy away from her; he held her, going so far as to let his lips nuzzle her neck. He knew the reason for her clinging to him was that the war had begun. He thought he might have to fire upon one northern ship when it tried to come between his ship and the port. He had gotten in, getting out may be a little more difficult.

“I was worried that you would not make it through the blockades I heard Papa and the other men talking about earlier today; I am so glad to see you!”
Allie gazed up into Thomas’ eyes- they had not a hint of fear in them. Instead, they…

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