Analysis Of The Movie ' The War Of Delicious ' Essay

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The war of delicious is a very informative article on behalf of the biological hazards caused by red and processed meats and the American’s who fall victim to the buisnesse’s that distribute this kind of food. The passage explains how americans are not only physically addicted to these foods through smell and taste, but are encouraged mentally to continue eating food out of the hands of commercial companies due to the companies visually attractive advertisments which feed into american’s patriotic inclination of free will to eat as they wish. With foods such as the hamburger and the hot dog national symbols of America’s diet for decades, it’s all too clear that red and processed meats are deeply imbeded into American culture. Although we are in a day and age where organic food is being widley recognized and more people are deciding to shun commerical meats, doctors, health advocates, and the World Health Organization have known about the issues that red and processed meats imposed on people’s health for years and are only just now deciding to make it clear to America and every other country exploited by Americas diet how bad they are.
According to the “Meat By The Number Chart” there have been 49,700 deaths in America in one year due to colorectal cancer, which was the third leading cause of cancer in the year that it occurd, all due to red and processed meats. This outstanding number is a following result of the 60% of Americans that consume 71.1 lbs of red meat per year,…

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