Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

852 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
The scene starts off as Hunter’s father decides to take him hunting for the first time. Both begin walking through the forest dressed in camouflage and stocked with prime hunting rifles. Gunshots go off as other hunters nearby shoot off shots. Hunter and his father spectate the area and look around for a buck to hunt. His father instructs Hunter to keep his eyes peeled for a buck as he dozes off in a snoring slumber. A gunshot hits a tree nearby as debris falls near Hunter, as he stays surprisingly calm after nearly being shot. After this, Hunter notices a deer in the distance, and quickly aims in for the shot. He turns off the safety, steadys up, and takes the shot which kills the doe. You can tell that Hunter is in pain as he stumbles towards his “trophy.” They both realize it was a doe that was shot, and this makes Hunter reflect on his spiritual ideology. The scene ends as Hunter gets a shot for his injury from the gun’s backfire and his father’s disappointment being highly apparent. The scene is very important because it sets a theme in Hunter’s life and the way he interacts with people both spiritually and socially. Hunter begins to lose hope of his spiritual view after this moment due to his father’s disappointment in him. Hunter reflects on himself as he ages and grows his identity to be more of an introverted type of person who tends to keep to himself. Hunter’s mistake sets a marking point in his life because it sets a precedent with the name, “doe boy,” as he is…

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