Analysis Of The Movie ' The Hart ' And ' Daisy Buchanan ' Essay

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Roxie Hart and Daisy Buchanan are careless women who only think of themselves. They step over anyone without giving a single glance behind them, and they are very selfish women who never think and/or care about anyone else but themselves. The only differences between the two are in the ways that they act selfish. Roxie pursues her selfish endeavors by trying to become a big star, stealing the spotlight and doing everything she can to keep it. First Roxie steals Velma Kelly’s place in magazines and her place in the prison caste; then when another girl starts attracting attention, Roxie faints and it “slips out” that she hopes that she didn’t hurt her baby by the fall. Rob Marshall develops Roxie through using dim, soft lighting on her when she is not known to everyone and then using bright light and flashy clothes on Roxie when she becomes well known. Roxie also has a very Uncaring, sassy attitude on screen which helps develop her character into a selfish girl who thinks only of herself. Daisy exuded her selfish needs by leading both Tom and Gatsby. While in reality she doesn’t love either of them, staying with Tom simply because she wants his money. Then she stays with Gatsby only because he was something new and interesting at the time, plus a way to get “pay-back” at Tom. Daisy leads Gatsby on the entire book and then runs back to Tom when things go wrong, not even bothering to show up at Gatsby’s funeral: “I could only remember, without resentment, that Daisy hadn’t sent…

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